Wednesday 30th September 2020, 14:14

I've been reading the Boron Letters by Gary Halbert. Great short book. I won't explain i'll just leave a link at the bottom.

It has inspired me to go for a walk every morning for 1 hour. And I’ve been experimenting with it. Music? Podcasts? The voices in my head?

I chose the middle one.

At the moment I’ve been listening to Glenn Fisher’s All Good Copy Podcast.

Here’s what I learnt from the episode with from London Advertising CEO Michael Moszynski

Get Ahead During The Time People Waste

this also applies to a Henry ford quote of the same wording. What Michael did was Advertise Advertising during the lockdown. He says many clients retreated into themselves, and the first thing businesses and industries cut was advertising. So he thought he’d advertise advertising. Nice.

Silly businesses. Smart Michael. I like it.

Michael goes on to say how In the time of a pandemic communication is so important, along with that people eyeballs are strapped to the screen like lace to a boot, and I’m going to add that insecurity is at an all time low. I’ll wager a bet that people even panicced a bit during lockdown and bought some stuff. Who am I to say?

(Picture of me with my new ipad_

Sitting ducks if you ask me.

What you can’t measure is often the most important, and most overlooked thing.

Glenn comes from a direct response background. Where things are measured. But Michael suggested that brand identity is more important than say 'social media’ (THANKYOU! I’ve been saying this for years, albeit to myself in my sleep). Often people want something to talk about in meetings or to show their clients, seems fair right? You can measure it so it’s good. WRONG! The best stuff is the stuff you can’t measure. 

Sounds a bit like happiness.

Advertising is the line between Creativity and Commercial Objective

This is gold for me. As a creative person, but not quite an artist. This rung true and has reaffirmed my focus towards a career in copywriting or something (what is it I do again?). A career I’m in a love hate relationship with. But still grappling at fearlessly.

But enough about me.

What about you? I hope you’re having a good day.

Thanks for reading,

Will x

Thanks for Glenn Fisher and Michael Moysinski for allowing my content to just coasting off their conversation. Go and listen to the podcast, it’s very interesting @ allgoodcopy

Go and read the Boron Letters for Free @ shorturl.at/bgkQY


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